About Us

The DooDahs are a fun packed, high energy, laugh out loud live show. With awesome music and audience involvement, they are the newest kids entertainment sensations!

We are all about fun and learning, role modelling values, health & safety, relationships and a life-long journey through unpredictable challenges.

Entertaining kids from preschool to primary age with old-fashioned humour, fun, adventures and comical antics the whole family will enjoy.

The actors playing Doo and Dah are both primary and early childhood teachers so the show format has been carefully developed with kids in mind. The Doodahs have worked with top industry professionals and are recognised as a world class act. We've done large stage shows, easter in the park and guest appearances at other events.

Our newest "Birthday Tour" takes things to a whole new level. We can't wait to come entertain you, so keep in touch to buy tickets for our exhilarating live act shows!